In diversity lies strength.


With more than 30 years of experience as a deal making yet aggressive, results driven lawyer handling matters ranging from real estate transactions to major federal criminal racketeering and fraud matters, Robb Heering is quite possibly the most experienced, skilled, and creative deal making attorney in the business. As a real estate lawyer he has represented clients in the purchase and sale of thousands of homes and has represented investors, developers, and corporate clientele in the purchase, sale and development of properties ranging from large industrial sites, airport properties, tribal lands, multi-family, retail, hotels, gas stations, Superfund and Brownfield properties, and more. Robb is an approved closing attorney for more than 50 national, state, and regional banks. As a real estate attorney, he has closed on more than $500,000,000 in commercial and residential transactions for thousands of clients.

With prior experience as a federal and state litigator, he has more than 200 cases under his belt with a stellar reputation.

Robb now limits his practice to servicing select residential and commercial real estate clients as well as handling consumer law and credit matters, and representation of clients in select legal matters.